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All Things Vegan ~ Show Notes ~ June 25, 2013 ~ Direct from Vida Vegan Con with Vegan Mashup stars Miyoko Schinner and Terry Hope Romero

  • Listen to the June 25, 2013 show  (or download the archive):

Direct from Vida Vegan Con with Vegan Mashup stars Miyoko Schinner and Terry Hope Romero

Vegan Mashup

In this episode we bring you two interviews from Vida Vegan Con in Portland, Oregon. We talk with Miyoko Schinner and Terry Hope Romero, both chefs on the TV show, Vegan Mashup, which puts a modern healthy spin on home cooking, and can be seen on PBS.

Terry Hope Romero is author and co-author of bestselling vegan cookbooks, including Vegan Eats WorldVeganomicon, and Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World. She’s presented informative and fun cooking demonstrations and talks at food festivals and conferences, all over the world. And she’s a regular contributor to VegNews magazine.

Miyoko Schinner is the author of many vegan cookbooks, including Artisan Vegan Cheese. Miyoko has developed vegan food products that have been distributed nationwide, and she’s taught vegan cooking for audiences large and small, and currently teaches in the McDougall program.

We also discuss what might be crawling around on dinner plates in the future, talk about a new law protecting dogs, and review some cool facts about cows.

And, of course, we highlight other News from the Vegan Frontier, let you know about vegan related happenings in and around Central Oregon, and more!


News from the Vegan Frontier:

  • 14 Cool Facts You Never Knew About Cows
  • Thomas Ponce and Lobby for Animals
  • The latest buzz: eating insects can help tackle food insecurity, says FAO
  • Seattle’s Urban Food Forest Is Open For Foraging
  • Pet Food Bank Central Oregon
  • Ignoring Nature No More: The Case for Compassionate Conservation
  • Columbia passes wild animal circus ban
  • Oregon H.B. 2738, the bill to restrict chaining and tethering of dogs
News around Town:

VegNet Bend will hold their monthly meeting and potluck at 6p, June 26, at The Environmental Center, 16 NW Kansas in Bend. Bring a vegan dish to share and your recipe or list of ingredients. For more information about this event, see VegNet Bend Group on Facebook or email .

Out ‘n About

Featuring: Sunshine Juice Box (at the Bend Saturday Market)


Vegan Smythe

Vegan Smythe

“Cheese” is by Vegan Smythe, a Melbourne, Australia based entertainer who’s putting a fresh spin on animal rights through satirical songs and comedy. To learn more about Vegan and his music, please listen to our interview with him from September 2012.






Paul Seymour

Paul Seymour

Theme song and musical clips are courtesy of Paul Seymour. To learn more about New Zealand / Australia based Paul or his music, please visit paulseymour.com.au.

Paul has new music he’d love you to listen at YouTube, Amazon.com, or iTunes.




All Things Vegan airs on KPOV, Bend Community Radio.

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